Adventure Travel Tours in Perth and Western Australia.

Adventure travel tours are alive and well here in Perth and Western Australia, and in the rest of Australia too as well as overseas.

Adventure travel is done and enjoyed by many people from all walks of life right across the world.

And if you love this sort of travel then there is plenty of Adventure travel Tours and operators available in Perth and Western Australia.

Adventure travel from Perth, to the Kimberley and further.

You could for instance do a great outdoor adventure travel tour around Australia. Perhaps beginning your adventure travel holiday here in Perth and then 4wd up our west coast to Broome and then, onto Derby and the rugged and beautiful Gibb River Road which will take you to Kununurra and Wyndham in the East Kimberley region.

At this stage of your outdoor adventure travel trip you may choose to base yourself in Kununurra for a while so you can explore the magical East Kimberley region, it's well worth your time and effort to do so.

You can also have a great family adventure travel trip camping practically anywhere in Australia and there are plenty of adventure travel tours and outdoor adventure travel deals available which cater for the active budget traveler, backpackers, family adventure travel and private group charters.

To find other adventure travel go toJS Travel Directory

So if you are looking for an adventure travel holiday, there are many wonderful places and destinations scattered across this great country to choose from, they are all here.

Western Australia and Australia are blessed with much rugged and scenic countryside for everybody who loves the idea of outdoor adventure travel which suits all tastes.

adventure travel -- Hot air Ballooning So, what's on in Perth with adventure travel. 1) Hot Air Ballooning. One hours drive east of Perth in the lush Avon valley near the historical & tourist town of York.

You will be able to experience the sensation and thrill of floating in the air as you gently move over the rolling hills and scenic wonders of the beautiful Avon Valley.

Imagine this, there you are at the launch site at 5am in the morning, the light filtering the sunlight through the light mist as you watch your hot air balloon being inflated before your very eyes and you think, is this safe? Well it is, so relax, you are about to take of on the adventure of a lifetime with your tummy full of the breakfast provided for you.

Your pilot is experienced and licensed to fly you and yours, as you skim across the ground soundlessly. Is it cold in a balloon? Yep! it can be in the cooler months, but you will probably be a little warmer than on the ground because you will be flying with the breeze so there is no wind chill factor involved.

  • Skydiving.
  • One hours drive east of Perth in the lush Avon valley near the historical & tourist town of York.

    South West -- In York you will be able to experience the sensation of floating in the air a different way as you descend towards the welcoming earth as you hang suspended below a gently billowing parachute.

    These folks are very, very experienced and professional and they run a successful skydiving centre which is close to Perth and, they are the winners or finalists of 16 Tourism Awards, which is quite an achievement.

    You will see some awesome views over the lush Avon Valley and to Perth City and even further beyond that to Rottnest Island. They provide unsurpassed clean & tidy facilities, (pool, sauna, a 1,000 square metre air-conditioned complex, cafe and a licensed bar for your enjoyment) They have a great safety record with, private airfield, the latest equipment and the best instructional techniques going.Their modern 16 person turbine aircraft is the largest in the Perth & Western Australia, so more of you can jump together from the one flight. Skydiving is great fun as I well know, so for the thrill of your lives head over to The Skydiving Centre. where you can jump in tandem with an experienced instructor or by yourself if you'd rather choose that option.

    The Excitement of White Water Rafting.

    Can be yours so all you have to do experience this form of adventure travel is go and get some white water rafting on the Murray River, which is just 80km south of Perth in Western Australia.

    adventure travel -- white water rafting The rafting is situated in the beautiful Dwellingup area,where you will have to hang on tight as you experience the extreme thrill of the rapids such as, tricky dicky, columbines, fast eddies and gobbly guts, strange names Eh! Their instructors are highly trained and very friendly. They have Pick up points from Perth and Murdoch and a $10 million Public Liability Insurance, which I hope is unnecessary. So go to and get going on your adventure travel trip.Your white water rafting adventure day will culminate in the 1km long terminations rapids which drop 90 metres over 8 kilometres.

    Want to try some abseiling or Rock Climbing? Well they do that too, so whatever your choice of adventure is, check out white water rafting you'll be glad you did.

    Jet Fighter Flights

    Try your hand at this for a thrill, Jet Fighter Flights will blow your mind.Their Flights take off from Jandakot Airport, which is approximately a 15 minutes drive south of Perth.

    The airport is well known for the clear and uncongested skies. The perfect location for an aerobatics adventure!

    So if you are game go to Jet Fighter Flights but be prepared for some gut busting moments as you twist, turn and dive in your jet fighter.

    They also have fighter-combat-flights.

    Would you like to fly a Combat mission in Formation? Flying a military aircraft like the Nanchang model CJ - 6A It is not a pretend flight using a simulator nor, game on a computer. It is in fact a very real flight.

    You’ll fly the Perth aerobatic using normal procedures and military rules.These sleek planes are have tons of horsepower and much performance whilst keeping mindful of your safety and comfort.Fully trained and experienced pilots will show you what G - forces are all about, in other words you are about to find outwhat a fighter pilots world is all about.

    Dressed in your own flight suit you are briefed on mission parameters and then taken to the area where your fighter will take of from. And then, it's up, up and away on your adventure.Imagine it!

    Got enough guts to try this out eh! good, go to fighter combat flights Once in your flight-suit you and your fellow adventures will be briefed on the mission. Then it's out to the flight-line to "strap on your aircraft".

    You will experience the art of close formation as practiced by the air forces of the world and then it is time to split the formation and "the fight is on".

    Remember you "must" win this aerial dogfight, the fate of the free world depends on you winning. Keep this in mind when you are diving and turning to gain position behind the enemy aircraft, your pilot will explain the tactics being used by each crew.

    Scuba Diving an adventure sport loved by all.

    Scuba diving is one of the greatest recreational sports all around the world and is loved by millions.

    Scuba diving Western Australia is an adventure that many people have yet to experience, and is unsurpassed by very few dive sites around the world, to read more about the excitement of diving go to Scuba diving in Western Australia where you will find lots of information about scuba diving.

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