First time Nude at Swanbourne in 2005

by Jason Thompson
(East Fremantle)

I had newly moved to Perth from Melbourne and literally stumbled across Swanbourne (nude) beach in the summer 2005 by accident. I was initially shocked but also keen to explore the idea of being nude in public at a beach.

I thought long and hard about it for a few days and then I plucked up the courage to return (minis the swimmers - just a towel).

It was mid morning and there were many couples however males outnumbered females about 4:1. I picked a spot that was around the couples (M/F not the M/M type which seemed to be in pockets).

Anyway I was anxious that I would be noticed and stared at however after slipping out of my clothes on my towel, I was soon relaxed.

After about 30 mins I was building up the nerve to the walk over the sand to the waves. I made it and enjoyed it however I was unsure what it would be like to be coming out of the water facing the others on the beach nude who could then see me walking fully nude.

I was keen to get to my towel as soon as I could but instead of running and attracting attention I made my way at normal walk speed.

The rest of the day I shared the waves with mixed couples, single males and couple of young females (around 20s). We all splashed around in the water/waves and we didn't care male, female, young or old everyone felt like me - at ease.

It was amazingly liberating to be surrounded by naked males & females of around my age range (late 20s) some good looking girls, some more average and not feel burdened by sexual overtones and stares or anything else you would be expecting seeing nude people in public.

It was a truly amazing thing to be at one with nature and other people who I felt were not judging me. I will be honest that at times my eyes did get the better of me and I noticed at times females were glancing but it was all good spirited and not alarming in anyway.

Its a very safe feeling to share such experiences of public nudity and relaxation in the sun.

I highly recommend this location to anyone from about 17-70. Its very safe and you have nothing to lose just to experience it at least once.

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Feb 28, 2010
Thank you Jason
by: Chris Ryan

Hi Jason, thank you for writing your story.
Very enjoyable.

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