Fishing Western Australia

is almost a national pastime.

Fishing Western Australia is one of the most rewarding experiences that you will ever undertake because of the abundance of beautiful beaches and top class fishing spots that are available up and down the entire coastline not to mention the wonderful inland fishing in the pristine waters of WA rivers. There are literally 100's if not 1000's of exotic, exciting and productive fishing spots for unreel adventures that any keen angler will love and enjoy as they pull in some of Western Australia's big game and sport fish.
If you love sport fishing as I do then you will love fishing in Western Australia waters.

Most of the Western Australian fishing locations are no where near fished out as there are too many of them and not enough of us and plenty of exciting game fishing.

You can catch anything from small Bream, Flathead, whiting to huge Trevally, coral trout and Marlin and even gigantic White Pointers between 4 and 5 metres in length when fishing Western Australia. And you will be able to do this in a large number of differing and diverse fishing locations throughout the Western Australian water ways.

If you are doing a bit of game fishing I 'Dunno how you'd go reeling in a big Blue Whale with a rod and line though!! Never tried it myself.

Seriously, off our coast and in the rivers and other water ways  the game fishing and sport fishing here will easily be the most exciting angling expedition of your lifetime. Yep! it really is that good mate.

 fishing western australia A beautiful fish caught near Broome in the North West.

My son in law Greg after doing some game fishing with the catch of the day, A Coral Trout in 1 hand and a tinnie of beer in the other. Greg and his mates love fishing Western Australia. You might for instance decide to go to Broome for a weeks game fishing and when you get the bag you want of Dhufish, Coral Trout, Spanish Mackerel, cod, snapper and Sailfish you might then decide to try your hand and your muscles reeling in the big Barramundi out of Kununurra in the Kimberley as part of your fishing Western Australia experience.It'good stuff because lb for lb Barramundi are a real challenge and there's plenty of them waiting to test you out in the Ord River near Kununurra.

Jane our friend who now lives in Broome sampling some of the local goodies.

Jane now lives a lifestyle fishing Western Australia waters that most of us can only envy.Our Jane does so love a bit of sport fishing.

Fishing  Western Australia

If you would like to know more about fishing in my country then hop off to my other site all about fishing in all states.

Fishing in Australia is all the rage and the many wonderfully diverse fishing destinations here will delight any angler.

  north west fishFishing in Australia covers all states in the country and gives anglers an understanding and an insight into just what is available here.

  Come Fishing in Australia because Australia is huge country and you will never run out of great fishing hot spots to try out.

From the top of Queensland down to Tasmania and all the way across the east coast to the west coast and up to the top at Darwin, you will be able to find just what you want when you fish in any of our states.

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Fishing in Australia is not all about WA as our other states can and will show us a great time and some of the fishing hot spots in Queensland are hard to beat.

Fishing in Queensland is close to the world's best. The many fishing destinations from the far north coast down to Brisbane, the Gold Coast to Noosa almost guarantees that anglers fishing in Queensland will catch a big haul of class fish from the mighty marlin to Snapper and other wonderful table fish.

Fishing in Queensland's lakes and rivers will provide a bountiful supply of trout, perch, redfin and the ever lusted after barramundi.

Fishing in Victoria both from an inland and a coastal perspective is magnificent. Trying out the mighty Murray river when fishing in Victoria  is well worth your efforts as Murray cod the biggest fresh water fish in Australia can be caught from Wodonga to Swan hill and Mildura and all the way down the SA part of the river. Lake Eildon has good fishing and the mountain streams that flow into it are full of rainbow and brown trout. Port Phillip Bay is an anglers mecca as is the rest of the Victorian coast line.

Marlin Fishing

Marlin are found right down the Eastern seaboard from Cairns to Victoria. Tasmania which depends on the on warm currents which flow down from the Kimberley region in WA for it's marlin and other pelagics.

Recent reports have marlin sighted off the Tasmanian coast and the same is happening of the Perth coast just west of Rottnest Island.

These mighty fighting fish are located on the Western seaboard from the very top in the kimberlies to the bottom at Perth and Albany in the south west. In some places at times they can be taken off the beach or rocks but are infrequently found in ocean waters less than 100 meters deep.

Blue marlin can often be landed using big lures, but numerous marlin have been taken drift fishing with live baits off the coast of New South Wales and other places. The top Marlin hot-spots in Western Australia include Steep Point, Dirk Hartog and Dorre Islands (hard to get there though!) + the Quobba/Cuvier coast north off Carnarvon, and the oyster-laden ledges around Coral Bay, Exmouth, Rowley Shoals, Dampier and the North West Cape.

It's true to say that the largest marlin are found off the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns to just north of Brisbane.

But WA comes into it's own within the 100kg to 200kg class with great numbers being boated.

Marlin fishing spots Australia

If Fishing in Western Australia is almost like a national pastime then Fishing In Florida is an obsession! Visit Review Your Orlando to check out Bass Fishing on Lake Toho and Shark Fishing in the Florida Keys.

If you intend to do a bit of inland driving while in the North it might be an idea to learn how to do it safely and you can do that by reading my safe outback driving tips guide.

The outback driving tips are all about showing a new 4wd owner what they should and should not do when driving in rough country.

The driving tips also serves as a reminder for the more experienced outback driver.

the best of great fishing trips going.

Broome is home to some of the worlds best charter boats
and game fishing areas. They are ready for you to enjoy the excitement
of a great days fishing and cruising on the beautiful, crystal clear waters
of Western Australia.

The pictures above are just 2 examples of the excellent fishing
waiting for you to enjoy when you visit and fish our wonderful game fishing grounds .

Broome is our Jewel in the North and the gateway to some of the
world's best game fishing both in the ocean and inland.

Broome is the start of our "Heartland" the Red Center.
The red center is a harsh land and should never be taken lightly.
You will experience hot temperatures and in season flooding
at the right time of the year so.

Do your due diligence, ask the experts
and enjoy a safe and happy holiday.

One of the best charters in town.

To learn about more charters and fishing trips please

Click the Broome link below.

Check out Broome for the Worlds best fishing trips and charters.

For even more fishing charters and cruise options click here

Getting the correct tackle for your game fishing needs is essential
for an affordable and a productive trip fishing Western Australia.

There are two ways to obtain the right information and tackle,
you can get it from a local tackle shop or you can
go online. Perth's best tackle, bait and information can be obtained

Get your tackle from Perth's best fishing shop, Bluewater Tackle.

If fishing Western Australia is not your cup of tea then there are
many other great fishing spots in this World of ours so If
you would love to experience the fishing trip of a lifetime head off to

Costa Rica Fishing

Where the big fish fight to get onto your lure. You will find Daily Fishing Reports for Los Suenos Marina and the Best Fishing in Costa Rica there.

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