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For Your Holiday In The Sun Enjoyment.

No city, no state in the world can rival Perth getaways and Western Australia vacations for total holiday fun and enjoyment.

Perth, is the most fascinating city in the world and Perth getaways will show all you all there is to know.
Perth has everything a visitor could ever want or need for a magnificent getaway in the sun.

Perth is also the most westerly city of this the great island continent of Australia.

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You owe it to yourself to come here and experience the natural wonders of Perth and Western Australia. Come on over and visit us and you will be able to take home a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime.

Having wandered all over Australia I can attest to the fact that Perth is Australia's most picturesque City. Perth has a great nightlife, magnificent old and new buildings and some of the friendliest people on earth.

The suburbs of Perth are leafy and green and the lifestyle here is laid back with plenty of sun and enough time to get out and enjoy it all, whether you live here, or you are visiting.

Perth is divided almost in half by the beautiful Swan River and there is a friendly rivalry between the folks living North of the river and those who live South of it. Perth and Western Australia have 100's if not 1000's of great beaches and magnificent holiday destinations up and down the coast for all types of fun and adventures.

Overlooking Perth Western Australia

Kings Park

Who said? Perth wasn't Beautiful.

A view to Perth city from Kings Park, just a short walk from the city center.

It is often said that you need a passport if you want to go from one side of Perth's Swan river to the other side. However I can assure you that passports are not required, it's just a bit of a fun thing.

If you like to walk and enjoy nature at it's best then Perth getaways has much to offer and none better than the Bibbulmun Track The track starts at Kalamunda a few miles south of Perth, so grab a back pack, some water, a camera and spend a day trekking among the trees seeing the birds and animals just the way nature intended.

The Stairway to Heaven built by prisoners many years ago during their rehabilitation.

Bibblulmun Track

The Bibbulmun Walking track.

Starts just 1 hours drive from Perth city. and is, "Perth's greatest tourist gem". For those who love to hike or walk with nature at its very best then the Bibbulmun track which meanders throughout the South West is the best way of indulging yourself. The Bibbulmun track which runs from Perth southwards is 965Km or 585 miles long.

Various WA plants and bushes can be found in bloom for most of the year but the wild flowers are seasonal. When you take off on a Perth day trip you won't believe how magnificent the gum trees look when they are in flower and they flower for most of the year, not too mention the fact that you may see a Koala bear or two in the gum trees in some places.

But don't try climbing up the tree for a cuddle with these Perth cuties as they have sharp claws and on top of that, if you should fall you may break a leg.

The wildflower season is full on during the cooler months and usually July to November is the best time for viewing them.

For approximately five months of each and every year WA wildflowers are scattered across nearly 2.5 million square kilometres of this, the wonderful State of Western Australia.

About 12,000 separate species can be found here in Perth and Western Australia at this time. A very real smorgasbord of wildflowers can be found from the far North to the deep South of Western Australia.

Perth and Western Australia really does come alive when the annual wild flower season starts, it is quite delectable in fact.

You nay need something warm to put on when exploring the wild flower fields.

After November it starts to warm up as we head for summer.

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There is always something to see and do here in Perth. One of the best Perth getaways near the city center is Kings Park a botanical wonderland that you will love.

The various Perth and Western Australian getaways even include a nude beach or two for those inclined to do it all naturally.


You should consider seeing and experiencing the The Murchison region, The Gascoyne Region and the Pilbara and the Kimberley Regions of Western Australia. These areas are found nowhere else in the World, they are unique.

There is plenty of wild, wild country in the North West for you to see and enjoy, it really is the best of the Australian outback. The Kimberley is possibly the best holiday destination in the World.

Especially nowadays that it is being opened up in the "Wet" season, which will reveal to you an entirely different side to the Kimberley.

During the Kimberley wet season you will wonder at the huge thunder clouds rolling towards you and be mesmerized by the brilliant lighting strikes that occur.

It is like no other light show on earth and it's free to view for those lucky folks who are there to witness it.

It is the most magnificent scenery that you could ever experience. And it's all there in the North West.

The Kimberly is defiantly the Trip of a Lifetime. Dozens of people have told me that the Kimberly region is the best vacation spot that they have ever seen and I have to agree with them because The Kimberley is the best place that I have ever been to and I have been to the Kimberley seven times now and plan on going back there again, It's worth it.

The North West of WA.
Is our Heartland.

Natures Window at Kalbarri
Kalbarri Natures Window

Kalbarri should also be on your agenda on your way to the Kimberley,
stop there, take a break and explore the Monkey Mia and Shark Bay areas they are both truly magnificent.Kalbarri has it all in the one place so. Go sight seeing, fishing, diving and surfing.

Go exploring and check out the fabulous red gorges of the inland or, just plain relax! Believe this, if you have never believed anything in your life before, Kalbarri is magnificent and it is well worth your time to take a break there.

Kalbarri is only about 600 kms north of Perth and is a nice drive.

You will be able to see the Geraldton region from Kalbarri. Kalbarri is an ideal location to base yourself, but you will need to take at least 4 days or more to explore the Kalbarri area not to mention Geraldton itself .Take the time. Believe me, You'll need it.

There is so much to see and do in both Perth and Western Australia that it would take 3 or more lifetimes do it all properly. But you will not have to worry about that as I will soon be off to see and experience those parts of WA that I've not seen yet so that I can pass on to you only the most accurate of information on all of the best places to see and the best things to do when you begin your adventure of a lifetime in Perth and Western Australia.

The Peace and Tranquility of Perth where.

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