My 1st time nude at the beach.

by Kelly

That's me at Swanbourne nude Beach

That's me at Swanbourne nude Beach

A couple of years ago my Mum and Dad told us, my sis and I that we were going to go to Swanbourne nude beach on Sunday.

It was instant panic stations
for me as I had never been naked in front of anybody other than my family and I didn't know how I was going to take my clothes off in front of a bunch of strangers.

I thought about whether or not my figure was any good, what would people think, would they stare at me,
laugh or what.

I was in quite a dither until my little sis came and asked me what was wrong.
So I told her about my feelings and she said not to worry, as she had read about it, she was just 14 at that time and I was 16.

But I did calm down even if I still felt a bit shaky about being nude at the beach.

Anyway 3 days later we arrived at Swanbourne Nude Beach and walked to where the nude section was, as I walked along I noticed lots of nude people swimming, sunbathing, talking or playing volleyball.

Nobody was looking at us as we took our clothes off but I still did not feel quite comfortable about it myself. Sis was the 1st one nude and then Mum and Dad.

At that stage I was still in my bikini wondering, until my sis looked at me and winked. That small message was enough to get me moving and take everything off. OK, I was now nude but still a bit wary, But as time passed I felt much better about the situation as others my age were doing it to and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so I began to too.

By the end of the day I felt like e veteran nudie and I too was having fun. I loved it and I've been back many times since.

All in all, it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Love Kelly
PS: The photo was taken years later.

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Jan 13, 2014
My second time at Swanny
by: Cookie

Yer i am new to public nudity but its a great feeling on the beach, the wind ,water and conversation...
Will be a regular now, will try the beach down south 1 day but just don't know anybody down that way.
Don't forget that sun screen.!!!

Jun 21, 2012
Best bum
by: Anonymous

Hi, I read your page and found it extremely fascinating. I have recently discovered that my bum is much better than average, it is rather plump and round, not to mention it has just the right firmness and shape. I read that you hold "best bum" competitions, and I was wondering what the prize is?

Nov 24, 2011
Like Swanbourne
by: John

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your story it is fun reading. I am from NSW but have visited Perth twice and love Swanbourne. I actually plan to be in Perth from next for a just over a week for a holiday and I am definitely visiting Swanbourne again.

Oct 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

I headed down to swanbourne today for the first time, I'm 16 ,male and I have to admit, it was the best beach experience I've had for a while!
see ya around fellow converted nudie ^.^

Mar 25, 2010
Beach Babe
by: Anonymous

Nice photo, beautiful young lady. There aren't many public nude beaches in the Midwest U.S., but I know a lot of people who like to sunbathe nude and go skinny dipping. If my wife had a figure like yours, I might be able to convince her to give it a go. Years ago her best friend tried to get her to try it with her, but she wouldn't. The friend was as pretty as you, and had no problem with being naked around other people. The first time I ever saw her was at a 4th of July raft race on the river. She was wearing a g-string bikini, which she took off as soon as she got in the water. At the end of the race, she slid up onto the raft, stark naked, and everyone got a good look at her completely tan back side. I'm not sure if that was the reason why, but there's never been another race. It was probably because someone that no one would want to see naked was "offended" by the sight of a beautiful naked woman. I think some prudes are hypocrits. You can tell they like seeing nude people, but they have to pretend to be offended so other people won't think that they're some kind of pervert. God created us naked, does that make Him a pervert?

Mar 12, 2010
by: Sam

Hi Kelly!
Thanks for your lovely picture.You look so happy my heart sings for you.
I really enjoyed.

Dec 15, 2009
Years later
by: Chip

You don't look years older in the pic, dare I say? Gorgeous, in fact.

Nov 21, 2009
Thanks Kelly.
by: Chris

Hi Kelly, thank you for your comment.

I can imagine that going nude in public for the 1st time would be a bit nerve wracking time for you and most other people as well.

Glad you soon felt at home and went on to feel like a vet so please enjoy your future nude times and come back to write a bit more for us
as we all loved your story.

Chris. the web master.

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