South West Region of Western Australia

A holiday makers Paradise

South West -- Misty Rock The South West. Which is so named because it is located in the south west corner of Western Australia.

In the South West you will experience towering forests, whale watching, fishing and be able to dine on fine food and wine. Also waiting there for you is world class surfing and the most gorgeous forest scenery in Australia. This area also offers some of the most varied travel experiences in Western Australia and should not be missed.

This beautiful area caters for all inclusive family vacations, vacations without kids and adventure travel for the hearty, you will get to know the Australian animals in the S/W territory as you travel around. And you can find some marvelous camping spots in the South, it is a bit cold though, in the winter.

When in the South do make sure you checkout the Karri,Tingle, Jarrah and Tuart forests, they are amazing in their majestic beauty and some of these amazing forests are found nowhere else on earth.

The Southern regions do indeed offer plenty of, out of this world scenery,many breathtaking beaches and rivers of stunning beauty.

There are plenty of small towns offering excellent accommodation, dining, sight seeing and a large number of various other attractions.

The South area of Western Australia has a Mediterranean style climate, with rather dry summers and wet winters which are quite cold.

The South West gets about 900mm of rain coming down per year, with most of it falling between the months of May and September. The maximum daily temperatures ranges from 16°C (61°F) in July to 29°C (84°F) in February.Don't forget to take your camera as there is plenty of beautiful scenery to take a shot of.

The South West locality has an area of approximately 23,970 kms and a population of about 123,000 folks or so.The economy of the South West is very diverse. It is Western Australia's most popular tourist destination outside of Perth.

When in the South West area it is not a bad idea to take a look at the Bubbulmun Track which runs from Kalamunda to Albany way down South, great for a walk and photo opportunities.

When you drive from Perth in a southerly direction the 1st big town you will see is Fremantle. Freo is a historical town with heaps of spots worth a visit.Wave Rock South West= From Fremantle you can head east and arrive at Hyden, a small town and it's famous Wave Rock. It is a fair distance, but it's well worth your time to see this unique and amazing rock formation.

Wave Rock is about 14 metres high, 110m long and looks like you could easily surf it.

The Glorious Wave Rock

Wave Rock Check it out it is remarkable.

When you have done Hyden it's time to head off to Rockingham. The first town after Freo. Continuing further in a southwards direction on the coast road you will come across a number of very nice holiday resorts on the coast.Rockingham has some good beaches and great boat cruises as well as beautiful picnic spots and facilities.

The first major town after you leave Rockingham is Mandurah.On the Peel estuary about 73kms from Perth. There is good fishing available there and at times you can see dolphins also.

Mandurah which now jumps and there is tons to see and do there plus,there is good accommodation and fine dining available if you wish to stay longer.

A good city tour by tram is in operation and you will learn about the cities history and high points.

Boat trips on the estuary should be considered to see the bird life which is a abundant.

More birds can be seen (and even be hand fed) with the many Parrots of Bellawood Park and an even more hands on experiences with animals at Marapana Wildlife Park.Mandurah  has a number of fishing charters on offer as well if you love catching fish.

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Waterside dining at Mandurah

Blanchards Restaurant Mandurah= Roughly another 100kms further is Bunbury which happens to be a port and a lovely holiday destination.

From there you can choose to head deeper into Western Australia's South West seeing thebeautiful forest country or you can continue along the coast. calling in to Nannup on your way to Margaret River and its surrounds which is a popular destination with world-class wineries, top surfing beaches and fun family holidays.

Locals head here in winter too, responding to the lure of inviting log-fires, brisk walks along the beach, horse riding through the bush and mountains of delicious local produce.

You can then travel further along the coast road arriving at Geographe Bay where Busselton is. Busselton is another another holiday destination you will love, and further along again round the bay, is Dunsborough.

Karri forest walkers South West= From Dunsborough you can continue on to the scenic Cape Naturaliste and the pleasing beaches which surround the cape, including Bunker Bay, Eagle Bay and Meelup.

The views from there are fantastic, and you may be lucky enough to spot, at the right time of the year the Humpback or Southern Right Whales during their migration period.

You can then carry on to Augusta.
From Augusta it's time to head inland before joining one of the main highways south to the southern coastal towns. You will travel by Shannon National Park and the Mt Frankland National Park on the way, before you reach Walpole and the neighbouring Walpole-Nornalup National Park which is home to the splendid Valley of the Giants.

Karri forest Denmark South West=

Continuing west you will pass Bow Bridge, Parryville and the coastal William Bay National Park before arriving at Denmark There are some very good beaches around Denmark including Elephants Rocks and Green's Pool for swimming, fishing and Ocean Beach for surfing. There are also a couple of fantastic trekking trails around Denmark, including the Mokare Trail and the Wilson Inlet Trail and the Bibbulmun Track which is about 1.5 miles from Denmark. Coming further east you arrive at Albany, from Albany you can head north to Mt Barker and the Porongurup The Porongurup Range National Park is located in the heart of the very popular Great Southern tourist region and is home to unique wildflowers and extraordinary numbers of birds and wildlife. The Porongurup area offers a goodly choice of many fine wineries, restaurants, attractions and accommodation options in the immediate area to enhance your visit.

The excitement comes from discovering this very special place for yourself.

Porongurup is in the Stirling Ranges. From there you can deviate west to the fishing town of Bremer Bay which is situated at the Western end of the Great Australian Bight and is a grand place from which to spot the Southern Right Whales.

Further east again you will reach Ravensthorpe which is an old copper mining town.

South West rock formation

South West. Rock formation near Denmark

South of Ravensthorpe is Hopetoun, which has quite a few pleasant beaches and gives you entrée to Fitzgerald River National Park and the Frank Hann National Park.

The pristine wilderness of Fitzgerald River National Park on the southern coast is perfect for anyone with a love of nature and a thirst for adventure. Here you can go bush walking, camping, canoeing, fishing and whale watching.

The park is home to a huge variety of plants and animals, some of which are found no where else on Earth.

It’s now recognised as one of the most diverse botanical regions on earth with around 1800 species of flowering plants alone.The Frank Hann National Park offers a large range of flora and fauna, although the Fitzgerald River National Park is much more beautiful having over 80 different species of Orchid, Royal Hakea and plenty of other plants and also a large number of beautiful birds.

There is also a fantastic bush walk through the park from Fitzgerald Beach to Whalebone Beach, although you will need to carry all your supplies (including water and snacks), and please, make sure you wash your shoes every day in an attempt to avoid the spread of Die back so our kids, in the future can still see and enjoy this beautiful area.

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