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The States-of-Australia. On this page you will find where the other "Aussie" states are, from the top right of Australia, right 'round the country to Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

It's all here for you.

I have found a great new site on Australia and I could not believe just how many facts and destinations on Australia that I found there. It really is a wonderful site for anybody who needs to know more about this great Country.

Queenslanders, known by all of us other "Aussies" as banana benders. They think their state is the greatest thing since sliced bread.I beg to differ, just a little. (Just ask me.)

Yeah! Yeah! I know there is much to admire and love about Queensland from up north at the very tip of Australia, which is where you can stand on the beach and look across the Torres Straight to New Guinea.

To down south at the Gold Coast.

There are plenty of things in the States of Australia to see, and an amazing amount of fascinating things to do.

  • Queensland. The land of the great Banana.

  • New South Wales. Nobody knows what to call them

  • Victoria. Mexico. South of the border. Called Mexicans

  • Tasmania. The apple isle. called ??

  • South Australia. The middle part. Known as Crow Eaters

  • Western Australia, Known as Sandgroppers. The best state of all!!

  • Northern Territory, NT, called The Territorians. A fabulous place to visit.
  • Australian road map from

    Queensland, Qld or North Eastern Australia.

    Before you go to Queensland make sure you visit my friend Jill's site over about Far north Queensland tropical art, You will be sure to find some interesting facts and news about Queensland there.

    Do you Have A Favourite spot in Queensland?

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    Victoria. The "State of Excitement".

    Victoria from the surf and fishing beaches on the eastern coastline to the mountains and snowfields in the north. And moving west, Mildura and the Mallee, a beautiful place which is where I come from before migrating to Perth.The State of Vic has a huge variety of differing landscapes for a State of this small size.You will find mountains,forests,rolling sand dunes, babbling brooks, huge rivers, quaint but friendly towns, scrub country and barren regions.

    Victoria has a bit of everything from the exciting Melbourne (The Capital) to the town of Kilsyth nestled at the foot of the wonderful Dandenong Ranges. on to Beautiful, historic Geelong. just 73km from Melbourne.

    From there you can head north and west to The Grampian Mountains and onto Mildura, an amazing oasis in the Mallee desert which happens to be my old home town.

    Mildura in the North West Victoria

    Mildura is the biggest town in North West Victoria and is about 550kms from Melbourne, a 6 hour drive.

    Mildura which sits on the southern bank of the Murray river hasmany things of interest to the traveler.

    The town was built in the desert and irrigation has seen it transformed into an oasis in the middle of the red dirt country. to read more on Mildura an Oasis in the desert Click here

    Sunset on the Murray River at Mildura

    The Red Centre.

    The red center is an area of fascination to many and a source of worry to just as many others. But there is no reason for anybody to worry about their safety when they let Geoff introduce them to Australia's REAL Outback.

    Pick up first hand information from this Outback veteran as he guides you through this amazing part of the world.

    Geoff has lived, worked and travelled in the Outback for the past 20 years. He will show you his favourite places and all his outback secrets.

    Get a very real insight into the Outback that others miss.
    Discover hidden campsites, remote waterholes, forgotten graves, old gold mines and abandoned homesteads as you wander around with Geoff.

    Learn how to get out of a bog, how to carry out simple mechanical repairs, how to find good camping places and how to enjoy outback cooking.

    Geoff has traveled and worked in many jobs in many remote places. He has lived and worked with Aboriginal people, managed the infrastructure of remote communities and mined opal in outback South Australia.

    He has spent years researching lonely graves and traveling in the steps of the early Australian explorers.

    Read narratives of his travels and experiences to get an insight into the environment and the character of the outback and its people.

    Outback waterhole, Alberga River, SA. Thanks Geoff for the photo.

    If you are want more than a tourist holiday and you are looking for adventure in Australia, Geoff's site is the place to check for all those incredible outback destinations.

    And for more information on safety when taking a trip in the outback read my Outback Driving Tips and stay safe in Australia's wilder areas. Geoff cares and I care about you and your family's safety.

    New South Wales and Sydney, a great State and a great City

    If you are looking to take a holiday in New South Wales then Ideal Sydney Getaways is a great way to find general information on Sydney with the best tips and travel advice, things to see and do, accommodation as well as New South Wales holidays and vacations. Find out now! Jump in and explore, discover, enjoy!

    Tasmania, The Apple Isle.

    Of course I would be rather remiss if I forgot the Apple Isle / Tasmania.

    It's a beautiful island with much to see and do and a worthwhile trip to take, you can fly or you can take the ferry.

    Tassie is certainly the place to go if you love wilderness scenery there's tons of it all over. To read more on a

    Tasmania trip

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