Swanbourne nude beach is free and legal.

Swanbourne nude beach is a very beautiful beach attended by very nice people who just happen
to like socialising and beach activities when they are naked.

So if you are offended by images of people without clothes on and doing their own thing
please click off this page.

Swanbourne nude beach.

The pristine sand and waters of Scarbie beach are an aquatic marvel where tens of thousands of people have a great day enjoying all the fun things to do here on each and every visit.

This beautiful beach is a mere 15 minute drive from Perth's city center
along Scarborough beach road.

Scarbie beach is a great beach for all ages and types of people as it does not seem to matter who you are or what you like, you will find it all here and love it as I do.

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This official nude beach boasts impressive white sand dunes and the pristine Indian ocean that attract
hundreds of naturists to its shores every year. The nude beach is more open than a lot of beaches and has better body waves.
The northern border of this nude beach goes into Australian Army land with an SAS base.

However the beach is open to the public unless live firing exercises are being held. Council by-laws
do not apply here which explains why you are permitted to take it all off.

Swanbourne nude beach has been a popular naturist beach for many years. It is popular
with families and committed naturists and if you intend to hang about it is expected that
you go nude as well, or the regulars can get quite upset and let you know
it in no uncertain terms.

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Swanbourne is definitely one of the top nude beaches or naturist beaches found anywhere in the world.

Visitors and tourists who love traveling and taking
holidays in the nude
will find plenty
of lovely destinations, beaches and nude clubs where
they will be welcome to do things the
natural way here in the west.

In Western Australia there are 3 nudist clubs
and a number of beaches where nudists are
able to take their clothes off and enjoy themselves.

For the overseas or interstate visitor getting here,
to Western Australia, while it is not a
problem if you know where to look,
can take a lot of research but fortunately
I have managed to find an airline that
services Perth and WA. and will also provide
local flights to every destination you care to
visit here in the West.

If you love nude photos there are 2 great nudist organizations which have plenty of great pics for you too choose from. To see them go to:

Bebaretoo for many family nude activities.

Both of these sites have free pics and high resolution pics for sale which you can choose from. They both also offer videos of various nudist activities such as pageants, events and contests in the best high quality format.

Did you know that you can now tell us, your fellow nudists about your nude experiences?

Yep! Now your voice can be heard here on this page.
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You may like to write about your 1st time nude at a beach or in public at
a nudist club or indeed any nude experience you may have had.

A number of folks have written about their experiences and others have commented on their stories as well.

And you will have your very own page on this web site so do get into it we would love you too.

C'mon in the waters great

However at this nude beach some women leave their bikini bottoms
on and this is quite an accepted practice.

Tourists taking photos without asking permission first are
not welcome and gawkers are frowned upon.

In January or February, Swanbourne nude beach hosts
the famous Nude Beach Olympics.

Now don't get any twisted ideas here,
it's a family event!

The competitions include nude beach volleyball, tug-of-war,
three-legged races, and even a "best bum" contest.
They even have body painting, and all events
are fun that everybody enjoys

Swanbourne nude beach has long been a family
orientated beach, however singles are welcome and as
long as everybody does the right thing,
then all will enjoy their visit.

Perverts are asked to leave and the area
is well policed (they, the police don't have
to take their clothes off :-)(smile)

It would actually look a bit strange when
you looked up and spotted a couple of blue
uniforms strolling along surrounded by nude bodies,
but not too worry, the police are
nice, polite folks.

Their only job is to make sure sure that we are all safe.

Swanbourne nude Beach Sunbathing Swanbourne nude beach is about a 15 minute
drive from central Perth.
If you are from another country or from
the eastern states it might be best if
you base yourself in Perth City or Scarborough
Beach. The easiest way to find accommodation in
either place is to use the same hotel
group as I do.The Australian Hotel Club
always delivers good results when I search for somewhere to stay.

One of the special events held at Swanbourne beach each year, usually held in February is the Nude Olympics where families, individuals, couples and just about everybody can compete and enjoy themselves in a number of organised naturist beach events.

There is no need to bring anything special as all items and things are supplied for each and every event where needed.

The Swanbourne Olympics were on again

Swanbourne beach held its 24th Free Beach Olympics on Sunday 15th February i.e. the third Sunday in February 2009.

The fun started at 10.00am and visitors had to get there early to find a good spot.

It is a great fun day in the sun so if you can make it at any time, I am sure you will love your day at Swanbourne.

swanbourne nude beach Tug of War

The events usually held are.

  • Beach volley ball.
  • Tug of War.
  • Foot races.
  • Best Behinds Comp.
  • Body Painting
  • Swimming events
  • Sand sculpture
  • And many other fun events that all will love and enjoy.

    During the lunch break there will be Body Painting for the young, and the older folks.

    Running competitions.

    Swanbourne Beach running competition I must admit that I have never seen so many people enter a running event before. There were little kids, ten to twelve year old's, teenagers, mid twenties to mid forties folks running and even older people still competing as well.

    As one of a number of family nude beaches in Oz this one, Swanbourne nude beach is very special indeed.

    Everybody was having a good time and enjoying themselves while indulging in some good healthy exercise.

    Each event was run efficiently and on time. A most impressive performance from all involved.

    In fact all of the events were extremely well run and the competition that took the longest time to run was in fact the Body Painting, no surprises there.

    The most popular events for the kids was building a sand sculpture comp and the body painting, and some of the designs were very intricate indeed

    The winners

    Swanbourne nude beach The event Winners If you do want to wander around in the sand hills please respect the vegetation as it is undergoing restoration, just like this young girl is doing.

    The ecology and integrity of the sand dunes is very important here in Australia, as it is in many other of the world's countries.

    So please do your best not to cause any more damage than there is now.

    What with global warming, carbon gases, the hole in the roof (Ozone Layer) we sure as heck don't need any more setbacks that's for sure.

    However, the water is fine, the usual beautiful non polluted blue water that we have come to expect. And the beach front sand is in the same condition as the water.

    Fancy a walk in the sandhills?

    Swanbourne Nude Beach walk in sandhills=

    There seems to be many ways to enjoy the water whenever you are near water and the weather is warm.

    Walking in the dunes is quite an enjoyable experience which a lot of people do and on the dunes they normally see plenty of differing birds and an almost equal number of lizards, mostly small with a smattering of larger ones.

    The activities you can indulge in are only limited by your imagination and the rules of decent behaviour.

    All people who love congregating and doing their own thing the naturist way love the time that they spend here at this beautiful nude beach.

    Naturally enough the summer months are the best months to go to Swanbourne beach unless of course you are one of the more hardy types of person.

    Sitting in the Water.

    swanbourne nude beach Sitting in water Fishing may be your 1st love when it comes to your water activities. Casting out the line, hooking a fish and hauling in a big one, Ahh! Dreams are made of this.

    Then again, you may just love to sit in the water and relax as the waves wash flows across your body cooling you down on a hot day.

    Perhaps you like to paddle and walk along the waters edge feeling the benefit of the cooling water on your feet.

    Bouncing around in the waves may be your bag as you lie, jump, dive, body surf to shore or whatever.

    Then again snorkeling might be what you love the most as you glide just below the waters surface observing the myriads of fish around you and what they get up to. Swimming out beyond the surf break is wonderful fun also as you slide over the on coming waves and flow down into the trough, flop over on your back and just float around relaxing in an almost weightless world. Yep! that'd do me.

    Nude Snorkelling at Swanbourne beach.

    swanbourne nude beach snorkelling is fun

    Snorkeling is another of the favorite past times that the folks at Swanbourne beach indulge in.

    This lady told me that she had seen a lot of fish of varying
    colors and sizes while she was snorkeling.

    She also mentioned that the water was crystal clear and a pleasure to swim in.

    The last time I was at Swanbourne beach there was about nine or ten people snorkeling or getting ready to do say. I was lucky to be allowed to borrow the gear from the lady in the photo to the right, and try it for myself, and she was certainly right about there being plenty of fish swimming around as I saw hundreds and some larger ones as well. Some indeed that would have gone down well in the frying pan.

    One of the nicest things about Swanbourne beach is the

    The pristine sand and waters of Scarbie beach are an aquatic marvel where tens of thousands of people have a great day enjoying all the fun things to do here on each and every visit.

    This beautiful beach is a mere 15 minute drive from Perth's city center
    along Scarborough beach road.

    Scarbie beach is a great beach for all ages and types of people as it does not seem to matter who you are or what you like, you will find it all here and love it as I do.

    There are many different
    types of people who go there to enjoy themselves in the natural state.
    And everybody is so friendly. it is not a problem to make new friends at Swanbourne.

    It seems, according to my research, that nude snorkeling and nude scuba diving are very popular pastimes throughout the world, and it seems to be a preferred sport here in Perth and Western Australia as well, so there you go.

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    Dads Moms Kids and Families .

    A Family at Swanbourne nude Beach

    Perth getaways Family at Swanbourne nude beachIt is quite amazing to see so many family groups at swanbourne. They range from families with very young kids to families with their teenage children and even parents with kids in their twenties. Everybody looks as if they are really enjoying their day at this and other nude beaches.

    Mothers and children sharing and enjoying natures bounty.

    Swanbourne Beach Mom feeding child

    Family outings.

    Family outings at Swanbourne nude beach are a common occurrence that that they all love and enjoy. You will see families with babies doing the normal baby thing as they all get pleasure from natures bounty at our nude beaches.

    Sunbathing, do protect yourself There are also many families whose children are in the twenties or thirties many with their own kids in attendance.

    Because of the laid back ambiance at this family nude beach a family will enjoy the atmosphere, and their experience when attending this lovely beach.

    The people at Swannie are so friendly they often offer to mind a small child while the child's parents have a swim, this help is usually accepted by those to whom the offer is made.

    The sun can ruin your day, so it's

    Hats on to protect yourself.

    Swanbourne Nude beach hats on= Australia and Western Australia are very hot places with a fierce summer sun, 37+ degrees C or 100+ degrees F which is considered reasonably warm, but the real heat starts at about 40 degrees and even gets over that and we get plenty of those days where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees C.

    So it would pay you well to protect yourself when out in this sun.

    Western Australia has one of the largest skin cancer rates in the World so please do look after yourself and family.

    I am sure, like me, you would rather not get a skin cancer, so do take some precautions against the suns damage to your skin.

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    Bebaretoo for many family activities.

    Bebaretoo also has quite a number of free nudist photos.


    Bebaretoo for many family activities.

    You will love living the natural way at Sun seekers.

    This beautiful nudist Club is ideally located as a base to explore Perth and all its tourist attractions.

    The club is located in John Forrest National Park and features lovely walks and trails in the forest, plus the club area has facilities such as BBQ's, swimming pool, accommodation, kids playground, two story clubhouse and more. Sunseekers

    They can be found at Postal address PO Box 220, Midland WA 6936 Australia.
    Email: sunseekersinc at bigpond.com

    Website: Sunseekers nudist Club

    A good place you may like to visit for your naturist activities.

    You will love living the natural way at this beautiful nudist Club.

    Quite a lot of the folks who are members of Sun seekers can be often found here at Swanbourne nude Beach enjoying themselves.

    How to get to the Sunseekers Nudist Club. Their address is 480 Richardson Rd, Hovea and it is a great place to enjoy your nude activities.

    Phoenix Nudist Club.

    Phoenix run lots of social events such as - Phoenix Club swim meets, Club Social Gatherings, Swanbourne Olympics, TOTALLY NUDE BOAT CRUISES and a lot more.

    The Phoenix nudist club was created with nudists needs and wants foremost in mind. Times change and so does the way people think.

    If you would like to learn more about them go to Phoenix nudist Club and check then out, they really do offer you the nudist experience and way of life in the best possible way.

    Bring your kids, your friends, relatives and anybody else that you can think of and share the naked way with them.

    The Apollo Nudist Club

    Welcome to the

    Apollo nudist club a family oriented naturist club for all ages, based in Perth, Western Australia.

    Make friends at the regular swim meets and sample the enormous variety of their other functions, such as bush walks, house boats, river cruises, parties, camping, beach days or even ten pin bowling.

    Contact Details:

    Chris Ryan

    Perth. Western Australia.

    Cell / Mob: + 0404737061

    Contact Chris by email.

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