Travel Down Under.

Things to consider before you arrive.

When you travel down under you will find that we are a different people compared to those from other countries because of our colorful cultural mix and heritage. It has shaped all of us, for the better we think.

Down under travel in Australia is a very safe thing for a person to do provided you don't do something stupid. Same as other places we suspect.

When taking a trip in desert country, a lack of water and spare bits for your vehicle can land you in all sorts of trouble as deserts in down under are vast and very remote so you need to take care.

You can for instance be on the track (That's what they are)and not see another person or vehicle for days. So making sure you do your due diligence before departing on a trek in remote areas, it is essential.

In the hotter times the temperature can get to 45C 113F, to 50C 122F, very hot indeed and you do need to carry a lot to drink and for your vehicle too.

Dehydration can be a Fatal condition., So, take care.

If you need some tip on safe traveling in remote regions check out these outback driving tips your health and perhaps your very life depends on you doing everything correctly.

Blacktop travel around Australia

When you are considering doing some travel down under most of it can be on blacktop (Bitumen) roads as most of Australia is crisscrossed by these type of roads.

You can in fact start your trip from Caines, northern Queensland and head all the way down to Melbourne and never touch a dirt road or track on the journey.

From Melbourne carry on west where you will travel cross Victoria and South Australia before arriving at the WA border. At this stage pick a route to Perth that suits you.After arriving at Perth it is a case of heading north passing many major towns and tourist destinations that you may want to see.

Continue northwards until Broome, (the start of the Kimberley region) stay in Broome for a few days it is a wonderful area and town. Leaving Broome head even further north until you reach Kununurra, but don't forget there a number of worthwhile spots to stop and see on the road to Kununurra.

Now, it is time to carry on north until you reach Darwin in the Northern Territory.
The road is sealed all the way.

Off road Driving in down under

The Southern and Eastern states have the normal weather pattern that most of the world has.Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

However, in the Northern parts of Queensland,Western Australia and the Northern Territory they have a 2 part season, the "Wet" and the "Dry".

In the "wet" many of our dirt roads and sandy tracks are impassable due to washouts and mud bogs.

And some of these types of roads are officially closed and traveling along a closed road in Australiais forbidden and transgressors face harsh penalties if they ignore the road closed signs.

The closed signs are in place to protect your health and safety and they are all important.

Dirt roads in general are 4WD only roads but some can be be used by 2WD vehicles.

It is best to ask a local persons opinion before using a 2WD. Sand tracks on the other hand are normally 4WD only as 2WDs will often get bogged in the sand.

In the "Dry" more tracks are usable by 2WDs but in the "Wet", less tracks are suitable.

When Off Roading, be aware of corrugations on the roads, and traveling at too high a speedcan be a bone shaking ride to say the least. Corrugations can also severely damage your vehicleat high speeds which can be expensive to repair.

It is better to drive at 40KMs an hour or less in your vehicle so that you actually arriveat you destination.

Having said all that, you can have a happy, safe and productive trip in most of down under.

You just need to get your brain into gear, allied with some knowledge of the local road conditions.

Enough said.

So. Get out there and have a great time.

Debunking the myths. What we are and what we are not.

When you indulge in a bit of travel down under you will find out that -Mitchell Falls Kimberley

When traveling down under it is a fact that kangaroos do not hop down our city streets and do not roam around country towns.

Only the small portion of the country is made up of coastline and beaches, the rest is huge.

Australia is roughly the same size as the United States but with a much smaller population. 20.8 million compared to 299 million.

Aussies really do speak English, there is the odd word however, that is different or means something different than what it would elsewhere.

We won't all greet you with a G'day mate, it is in fact a rarely used greeting term for most of us these days.

We tend not to wear hats with dangling corks hanging on strings.

We rarely dress in Khaki and wear huge hats, carry guns to fight off the crocs or wild buffalo.

We do not look, think or act like Crocodile Dundee.

We tend not to call the girls Sheila's we use their names, fancy that now.

We not inclined to smack the head off someone who looks sideways at us, generally.

We do not start drinking on awakening and carry on until we collapse.

We will call you mate (friend) and we will be friendly to you if you greet us with a Hi.

We do not all exist on the dole and spend all day at the beach preening ourselves for the girls or guys.

Most of us work at the same type of jobs that other people the world over tend to over work at.

We don't care about your skin color, we tend to value the real you.

If someone calls you a bastard don't get offended, most times it is used affectionately, an Aussie quirk.

For somebody from another country other than Australia, it can seem like a difficult choice on where to go in this vast land.

The Bluff Kununurra Whilst there are a number of huge deserts and seemingly endless expanses of grasslands the country has much more to offer than this.

From the beautiful Great Barrier Reef off the Queensland coast, which is only rivaled by the coral reefs of Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef near Shark Bay some 700kms north of Perth.

Western Australia. Ahh! what a place it is.

Western Australia itself has all the diversity of the rest of Australia and in fact occupies about half the land mass of the entire country.

Perth, a modern, exciting city with plenty of night life and much to see and do in the day light hours.

Perth is a diverse and beautiful city that all who live here love and the people are the friendliest on earth with a good word to say about most folks.

Perth is graced with some of the most beautiful beaches found anywhere, and the great beaches are spread up and down the entire west coast for everyone to use.

From the beautiful forest country of WA's south west, featuring the Karri, Tingle and Jarrah trees, found nowhere else on earth and onto the Margaret River Wine Country nearby and there is the magnificent surf and fishing beaches to enjoy. 

And then there is the magnificent Kimberly region of Western Australia's north west, one of the last of the world's great wilderness areas which is an ideal area for a bit of down under travel and is certainly an area well suited for adventure travel.

The Kimberley is a place of - Large rocky red gorges, immense grasslands, forested areas, the wonderful and mysterious Bungle Bungle mastiffs, pockets of rain type forest and inspirational rivers.

Not to mention the Ord River and its truly wonderful scenic aspects and its tough game fish, the Barimundi which are found in phenomenal numbers and size and it is very exciting when you hook one and land it.

And then it's off to Lake Argyle the largest man made lake in the southern hemisphere.

Lake Argyle is surrounded by beautiful trees and has many gorgeous islands in it well worth an explore.Taking a boat cruise on Lake Argyle is a relaxing and yet eventful experience that should not be missed.

And the Kimberley irrigation area is large, for want of a word, it has the potential to become Australia's food bowl and if really extended perhaps the world's food bowl and is worth a tour of.

And if Western Australia is not your cup of tea then there are many places scattered around this our world that you might like to consider.

Magnificent Mongolia

When should you Travel to Mongolia?? You do not want to arrive between November and March to one of the coldest countries in the world.
However, starting from May all the way through to October, it is perfect. The peak season is July and August when you will meet lots of fellow travelers but it's worth traveling during this time because of all the cultural events including Naddam.

Why should you visit Mongolia? Because it is one of the last great frontiers where tourism is just taking off. First, you will meet the legendary Genghis Khan the moment you land in the country and meet him literally everywhere else you go. Mongolia is of one of the fastest growing economies of the world. Then, you will get to meet the last true nomads whose lifestyle have not been changed much over the last centuries except for using solar batteries and satellite dishes.

Be prepared to be amazed by their hospitality and the simplicity of their way of living. Hurry and have fun!

Magnificent Mongolian race horse

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Wonderful Copenhagen.

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